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Consumer tips before you invest in solar panels

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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Buying solar panels can be a hefty investment and you want to make sure that you can actually use that investment.

Kathy Gramm, a Kentucky woman who owns a farm and boarding business, bought solar panels to save money, but she can’t use them now after her electric company, Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation, placed locks on it for not abiding by their liability policy.

“They don’t pay my policy. Why should I have them on it,” Gramm told News4. “If they had a vested interest, sure, then I would put them on the policy, but they don’t. They don’t pay me to be here.”

What should consumers know before purchasing solar panels?

News4 reached out to Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation to get its expertise on the issue.

When it comes to specific rules and policies, Middle Tennessee Electric strongly encourages members to contact them before signing a contract with a solar vendor. Like Tri-County, MTE needs to approve how the solar system is connected to the grid.

When it comes to liability insurance, Middle Tennessee Electric said it depends on the insurance provider. They also recommend having liability insurance any time something is connected to the grid that could push energy back on the lines.

Middle Tennessee Electric also provided some consumer tips:

Before you buy a solar panel, do your research, get multiple quotes and don’t rush into a decision. Also check with your accountant to determine eligibility regarding the tax credit.


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