NASHVILLE, TN.- It’s a terrible thing to do to someone, shady contractors robbing people of money and doing questionable work after victims have lost everything. 

Sadly, it’s starting to happen. 

"It is angering,” Don Kennedy, President of Don Kennedy says he has seen a lot over the past several years. But one thing that irritates his soul are shady contractors. 

"As soon as the storm hit, we're getting massive calls. We're getting emails,” Kennedy said. 

They’ve contacted him from all across the country. 

"Illinois, Texas, Ohio you name it,” Kennedy said. 

As soon as the tornado left the area, request poured in. 

 "We have probably gotten over 20 contractors or crews or salesmen...coming in here in this very short period of time...wanting to do work for us. Caresse: And how many of them would you say are legitimate? Don: ZERO,” Kennedy said. 

The Better Business Bureau says homeowners and businesses should be wary of contractors and subcontractors looking for a fast deal. 

"We want to get out the word to these business owners under NO circumstances should they share their business information with ANYONE that they have not hired to be a subcontractor,” Robyn Householder, President and CEO of the BBB of Middle Tennessee said. 

If you’re a tornado survivor and someone approaches you about repairing your home, don’t be afraid to ask for their background information. 

Look to see if they have an out-of-state tag. 

And don’t feel rushed into giving them anything, no matter what they say. 


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