NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Good news for bus riders in the Parkwood neighborhood.

In April, neighbors contacted News4 to express their concerns about changes made to the WeGo Transit bus route.

Neighbors told News4’s Call 4 Action Problem Solver Caresse Jackman before the change they would get picked up and dropped off in the Parkwood neighborhood. After the change, the residents of the area had to go at least a mile down the road to catch the bus, and they said that’s very problematic.

Regina Smith contacted News4 on Tuesday after she noticed the buses driving through her neighborhood again.

WeGo Public Transit confirmed to News4 the route had been re-instated, but  these changes will not go into effect until Sunday, May 23.

A spokesperson said the route will not run back through Doverside Drive, Moorewood Drive, Richmond Hill Drive and Vailview Drive, in addition to the current route.

It’s news neighbors in the Parkwood subdivision say they are happy to hear.

"I saw the sign coming up and I said 'Parkwood buses back!' said Phyllis Kinnard. "I followed the bus. I even recorded it and put it on Facebook."

"I just wanna say that WeGo, thank you," said Smith. "Thank you for listening. Thank you for listening and taking note. Caresse Jackman, thank you so much once again and Channel 4 News as well."

If you have an issue or consumer complaint, contact Call 4 Action Problem Solver Caresse Jackman.


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