ECHO is an engaging chamber music series that features new classical music composed and arranged for the unique reverb of the Parthenon Naos and performed in front of the 42 foot statue of Athena.

The program will feature the works of seven young emerging composers, performed by members of the Belmont University New Music Ensemble. The program is, by design, highly eclectic. The seven pieces of music are written in different styles that are not often heard on the same program. The influences you will hear prominently range from modern classical to folk to hip hop, with each composer demonstrating their own very personally cultivated voice, and the performers demonstrating their personal commitment to create new and expressive music.

The Belmont University New Music Ensemble was established in 2012 with a dual mission: to train and expose young performers to new works written in a variety of modern styles, and to provide a high quality platform for the music of student composers at Belmont University’s School of Music. Regularly performing in combinations ranging from two to twenty players, the group has performed the works of major modern composers (notably Steve Reich, George Crumb, Christopher Rouse, John Adams) and premiered dozens of student works. The group served as the ensemble in residence for the 2019 meeting of the Southeastern Composers League, and will serve in a similar capacity for the upcoming 2020 meeting of College Music Society Southern Chapter.

Composers to include: Alec Shirer, Adam Lutz, Matthew Elenbaas, Daniel Fiamengo, Madison Anglin, Titus Cody, Drake Bailey, and Evee Hunnel.



  • Occurred Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm



2500 West End Ave
Nashville, TN 37203


Kelsey Kingdon

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