A school bus driver faces child abuse charges after slamming on the brakes and hurting a student

Jamie Danielle Tellez is charged with child abuse, threatening or intimidating, endangerment, and reckless driving.

A school bus driver in Arizona has been charged with child abuse after slamming on the brakes, causing an 11-year-old to hit his head against the windshield, according to the Mesa Police Department.

The driver, Jamie Danielle Tellez, "became upset when a boy threw a piece of paper and missed the garbage can" on October 4, court documents state. That boy, 10, and a second, 11, were in the front seat of the bus, to the right of the driver's seat.

Footage from the bus surveillance cameras, obtained by CNN, show Tellez turning to the 10-year-old and saying, "I'm going to (expletive) knock the (expletive) out of you."

Tellez then slammed on the brakes and the 11-year-old was flung forward, striking his head against the windshield, leaving a large crack in it, court documents say.

Afterward, Tellez did not check on the 11-year-old boy or seek medical attention. Tellez did not notify the boy's parents about the incident.

Tellez "admitted to abruptly stopping the bus out of anger" and using foul language in an interview with police, according to the court documents.

The driver was arrested on four charges, including child abuse, a class 2 felony, police said. Tellez appeared in court, was released with an electronic monitoring device, and is due back in court on October 23.

CNN has reached out to Tellez for comment.

Mesa Public Schools said it had placed the driver on unpaid administrative leave, and Tellez, who had been driving a bus since last September, will be recommended for termination at an upcoming meeting. Tellez had a "previous complaint of misconduct," a district spokeswoman said without specifying what the allegation entailed.

"Mesa Public Schools' first priority is the safety and security of our students," the spokeswoman said in a statement. "The behavior and actions of Jamie Tellez while driving a district bus were inexcusable."

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