Tennessee Democrats react to end of public safety special session: ‘We must break the GOP supermajority’

“Tennessee’s children are no safer today than they were before the special session convened.”
Tennessee Democrats speak after special session ends
Published: Aug. 29, 2023 at 1:32 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Tennessee Democrats are reacting to the end of the legislative special session on public safety Tuesday.

“The special session has officially adjourned,” the House Democrats said in a release Tuesday afternoon. “Because of the failed leadership of Gov. Bill Lee and this GOP supermajority, Tennessee’s children are no safer today than they were before the special session convened.”

In the release, the House Dems said the GOP disrespected democracy from start to finish of this special session.

“From House rules used to silence Democratic members and prohibit signs and the callous forced removal of crying mothers from a House committee, the Republicans’ blatant disrespect for and displays of indifference to the concerns of Tennessee families were on full display throughout this seven days long session.”

They add that even as a Caucas standing united behind State Representative Justin Jones as he was silenced during Monday night’s floor session, the GOP’s supermajority was able to continue the session without them.

“Yesterday, when one of our members was arbitrarily ruled out of order and silenced, our Caucus stood united as one and walked out. However, because the GOP holds a supermajority of seats, they were able to conduct business without a single Democrat in the chamber. WE MUST BREAK THE GOP SUPERMAJORITY.”

The House Dems ended the release by saying:

“The actions and policies of this state legislature do not reflect the will of a majority of Tennesseans or our values. It has been made clear over the course of this special session - Republican leadership is incapable of leading and it is failing Tennessee families. Our children deserve better. With your support as we work towards 2024, we can ensure our state legislature is more reflective of the will of the people.”