Why were residents inside their apartments during Clarksville standoff?

Police told some residents to stay inside their apartments while others were told to evacuate.
The two brothers who started a standoff when officers attempted to serve an arrest warrant were killed in an exchange of gunfire.
Published: Aug. 16, 2023 at 11:22 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Wednesday night, the TBI investigated a scene at a Clarksville apartment complex that left two brothers dead, and four police officers injured 12 hours before. This comes after officers tried to execute an arrest warrant for the brothers, Brandon Green, 31, and Leonard Green, 33, for aggravated burglary at the Paddock Place Apartments at Union Hill Road and White Oak Drive.

This turned into a 12-hour long hostage situation with neighbors in line of the fire. But as WSMV4 found out, some neighbors were evacuated, while others were not.

“I was trying to check on my dogs. We’re now seeing how close the crime scene was, I completely understand,” said resident Shelby Moore.

Wednesday, she said she looked at her camera footage from outside her apartment and saw neighbors last night still inside theirs.

“It really pissed me off when the cops told me I couldn’t go home and they were still opening and closing their doors,” said Moore.

“They couldn’t find them at that moment, so they gave us the OK and said we could go back inside, so we all went back inside,” said resident Darren Henderson.

He lives in the apartment below where the brothers and officers shot at each other and said his family was nearly hit.

“Somewhere in that exchange that’s when the bullet holes went through out living room,” Henderson explained.

WSMV4 wanted to know why some people were restricted from their homes for hours, while others were not? And why Henderson’s family was in the line of fire?

WSMV called Clarksville Police Department and asked them that question. They deferred to the TBI who deferred back to Clarksville Police in an email.

When we told Clarksville Police TBI’s response, they responded saying it was safer to keep some folks in place than to try and move them. However, they couldn’t give a clear answer at the moment.

But moments are all Henderson and his family had early Wednesday morning.

“At first they were telling us to hold on, stay put and just cover yourself with furniture,” he said.

Both Leonard Green and Brandon Green have lengthy criminal histories, some date back to 2010. Leonard Green was charged with domestic assault and burglary. Brandon Green was charged with evading arrest and stalking. Police were attempting to serve arrest warants for aggravated burglary against both of them on Tuesday, causing the standoff to begin.