What TCAP tutoring will look like for Metro Schools’ fourth grade students

Some parents haven’t been notified about when tutoring will take place for their children.
If a fourth-grade student in the state didn’t pass their TCAP, they must do summer learning or tutoring this school year.
Published: Aug. 10, 2023 at 7:51 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - It’s the first week of school, and some Tennessee parents said they feel in the dark. If a fourth-grade student in the state didn’t pass their TCAP, they must do summer learning or tutoring this school year.

The state said it’s up to each school district to decide how tutoring will look. The problem is, one mom still doesn’t know when her daughter will be tutored or what it will look like.

Nine-year-old Ayla in Knox County loves to dance, run, and take part in her school musical. But those are activities she may not be able to do if TCAP tutoring is after school in Knox County.

“I don’t know what the schedule is going to look like and that’s going to be our number one thing because we don’t have a choice,” said Claudia Long, Ayla’s mom.

She said she’s received no communication from the school or district about when tutoring will take place, like during or after school.

“I just feel like everyone is flying by the seat of their pants and no one knows what the plan is,” Long said.

At Cane Ridge Elementary School, a Metro Nashville Public School, tutor lead Carnella Mitchell has a plan.

“From the beginning I had to make sure the right communication had to go out,” she said. “I had to make sure that teachers or staff members felt it in their heart like I do in order for it to work.”

One thousand Metro Nashville Public Schools fourth-grade students need tutoring after they didn’t pass the TCAP. Three students will work with one tutor for 90 minutes a week during school. MNPS said at this point they are still looking for people to help.

“We have positions opened right now,” said Grace Bailey, MNPS Accelerating Scholars Coordinator. “We are continually looking for more support. So, we are looking at adding 20 more low dosage high ratio tutors to help our elementary schools further in fourth grade and literacy tutors in other grades.”

MNPS said no students are missing tutors. These additional positions are adding more capacity for schools in all grades. They are working with a contracted tutoring service and existing staff members to make sure every student gets tutored.

At Cane Ridge Elementary School alone, MNPS said 27 fourth graders need tutoring after TCAPs, which is almost a whole classroom.

But Mitchell said she’s relieved with that number, because to her that means students are getting the help they need.

As for long and her daughter, help is something they are still looking for.

“I feel like if they are going to do this there should be some strict guidelines for every school to follow so that parents are not left feeling like me,” Long said.

WSMV4 reached out to Knox County Schools about when tutoring will take place and have not heard back.

MNPS said tutoring starts for fourth-grade students in mid-September.