Grammy award-winning singer receives life-changing hearing device

Joe Thompson received hearing aids out of 750 nominees.
Joe Thompson received hearing aids out of 750 nominees.
Published: Aug. 8, 2023 at 6:23 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Hearing is something we often take for granted, but muffled sounds for Joe Thompson were a way of life.

Thompson sings with the Fairfield Four, a singing group that has won two Grammy awards.

”It’s all about hearing when it comes to acapella singing,” Thompson said, “Being able to hear each one, each voice and to make that harmony how it should be.”

When Thompson’s hearing started to decline, he said it was easy to go between musical keys and “throw the whole background off.”

He said he couldn’t hit those notes like he used to.

”I couldn’t quite determine how low I could go, and it was more like a tremble sound coming out of my ears,” Thompson said.

But today, out of 750 nominees, Thompson was awarded hearing aids thanks to a campaign through the HearingLife center.

Thompson described the feeling as he had the devices placed into his ears for the first time.

“Well, it felt bright I can hear real good,” Thompson said. “I believe I could hear a mice walk through here.”

At 88 years old, Thompson said he’ll be able to return to what he loves.

“With this here in my ear, I can hear the bottom note, I can hear myself hitting that bottom note,” Thompson said.

Those hearing aids he was awarded cost about $8000.