Some residents upset after they say cars were unfairly towed from Edgehill complex

Hillside Flats notified residents in June that cars without a parking sticker inside the complex’s garage would be towed beginning in July.
Some residents are frustrated and upset with their apartment complex after they said dozens of vehicles were towed from their Edgehill apartment complex.
Published: Jul. 20, 2023 at 11:46 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Some residents are frustrated and upset with their apartment complex after they said dozens of vehicles were towed from their Hillside Flats apartment complex in Edgehill.

Residents told WSMV4 their cars were inside of their apartment complex’s garage overnight when tow trucks came in towing vehicles away for hours. Some vehicles towed were located outside of the garage.

Residents said management informed them of a new parking pass enforcement in June and that each vehicle must have a sticker inside of the garage. However, Frederick James claims management never mentioned towing cars outside of the parking garage.

“All these cars outside are getting towed for no reason,” said James, a resident at the complex.

James claims his vehicle was parked outside of the garage. He said it should have never been towed. He’s now facing an almost $300 towing fee to retrieve his vehicle.

“They’re taking away from people who do not have anything to begin with,” said James.

James’s vehicle wasn’t the only one who was towed from the complex early Thursday morning.

“They just took money out of my kid’s mouth,” said Dylan McCann.

McCann and his expecting partner’s car was inside of the garage and was towed overnight. Even though he didn’t have a parking pass inside of their vehicle, he said they were told they didn’t have any more passes to give out.

“We had to struggle for money to get our car out. When we did try to go down there and get a parking pass there was no more,” said McCann.

WSMV4 received cellphone footage of the several cars towed out of the complex’s garage. Many residents told WSMV4 off camera that they tried to get their passes before the enforcement went into effect but were told by management that they did not have any parking passes.

“Now I’m getting an Uber to drive somewhere to get a loan to pay to get my car out of towing,” said Pricilla Wade.

WSMV4 reached out to the property management company via email and didn’t get a response. Later, WSMV4 went to the property and tried to speak with management but they did not want to comment on the matter.

Residents shared the notice from the complex they received in June. It stated that the parking pass enforcement would go into effect by the beginning of July and vehicles inside of the garage must showcase the permit.

McCann said he believed over 60 cars were towed when asked by WSMV4.

James parked his car outside of the garage and believes his vehicle should not have been a part of the tow.

“If you don’t have a permit, and you’re inside of the garage they’re going to tow it. OK, so I complied with that and I parked the vehicle outside now my vehicle is gone,” said James.

The Hillside Flats management company sent a text message WSMV4 received from residents Monday reminding them to register their vehicles with stickers and that the tow trucks were coming and that they would tow any vehicles without stickers.

James said he along with his fellow residents didn’t deserve to get their cars towed, and getting his car out of towing shouldn’t fall on him.

“You need to bring every car that you towed outside of this building. Every car needs to be back and not be ripping people off and taking $300 from us. Come on, really?” said James.

WSMV4 reached out to West Nashville Wrecker Service via phone and in person to find out the number of vehicles towed along with the agreement the wrecker service has with the apartment complex.