How realtor says new property owners discovered Mya Fuller’s body

WSMV4's Marissa Sulek reports.
Published: Jul. 14, 2023 at 4:46 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Autopsy reports show 22-year-old Mya Fuller died by homicide after she was shot at least two times. Wilson County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday they charged Taiyana Tipton, Ty’Shawne Bowles, and La’Myra Pipkins for her July 2022 murder.

On Trammel Lane in Lebanon sits the perfect lot a Wilson County family planned to build a house. That’s until they found their new property was the center of a crime scene. Realtor Jason Andersen remembers that day last August well.

“The Welch’s had called me and basically said ‘They found a body on our property’ and I was like ‘What? You’ve got to be kidding me,’” said Andersen.

He would find out days later it was the body of Mya Fuller. The new family had owned the land for only a couple of weeks and was sprucing it up when they told him what they came across.

“When they got back up to the top of the hill, they smelled a strange odor and thought ‘Oh, maybe an animal or something like that is there,’” Andersen explained. “Buzzards were flying around and next thing you know they walk up the side of the road and find a pair of tennis shoes laying inside the ground and they were like ‘Oh my, this is not good.’”

He said Fuller’s body was found a quarter mile up a driveway at the top of the hill.

“My understanding is this is the old World War II bunker-type place, and she was over by one of those bunker areas kind of hidden,” Andersen pointed out.

The Medical Examiner’s report confirmed to WSMV4 Fuller died from gunshot wounds, Friday.

When Andersen found out this week three people were arrested for murdering her, he said he was shocked.

“How many crimes do you see involving females?” he said. “Especially murder.”

WSMV4 found out Tipton, one of the women charged, was also arrested earlier this year for assault in Montgomery County. As a former Wilson County Sheriff’s deputy himself, Andersen said after a year of investigation, it’s comforting to have some answers.

“If I can say a thing, I praise the sheriff’s office for doing very diligent work and bringing this to a quick close. I mean a year for a murder investigation, to find especially three people involved, was a very good thing,” commented Andersen.

WSMV4 requested the criminal history of the two others involved and has still not heard back.