NES customers still without power after weekend storms

Thousands were affected by this weekend’s severe storms.
Published: Jul. 4, 2023 at 3:39 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Less than one hundred NES customers are still without power, as the electric service company says they’re working through the Fourth of July holiday to restore power.

NES crews found 44 broken poles throughout the city after this past weekend’s thunderstorms. NES officials said they worked throughout the weekend after thousands of customers lost power.

Heath Getter was one of the many customers in South Nashville who went without power for days. Unfortunately, Getter had to throw out food that had gone bad.

He said almost $100 worth of groceries went into the trash.

“I ate all of the pre-cooked stuff that I could, but still, a lot went into the trash,” Getter said. “I kind of live paycheck to paycheck.”

Getter’s power went out Friday on Drummond Drive at around 2:30 a.m. and was restored by Monday. He tried to manage during those two days by finding coolness in any way he could.

“In the morning, I got about a couple of hours of sleep in my car,” Getter said. “And maybe an hour’s worth of sleep laying flat on my back on the patio in the backyard because no air movement was just terrible.”

In North Nashville, NES crews were spotted working on a power line on Dolan Road Monday morning. The recent storms caused Pamela McGee’s next-door neighbor’s tree to fall on a power line and onto the road.

”The trees were going back and forth, the power lines were swaying back and forth, and you could see some debris,” McGee said. “It took out his power. I surveyed to see if it took anyone else’s power out, but it was just him.”

McGee said the power goes out nearly every time there are severe storms in the area. She said she was thankful no one was hurt and that power remained for most people this holiday weekend.

”Extremely grateful because you don’t want to have to lose a lot of food, and that kind of thing, because it’s costly to replace food,” McGee said.

Getter explained that though the past few days have been difficult, he’s survived and managed.

“It’s awesome to have power now,” Getter said.

NES customers should always report any power outages through their online portal. For more information on how to report an outage, click here.