Bellevue woman searches for her stolen car linked to crime spree

The woman describes tracking down the thief who is still on the run.
WSMV4's Sharon Danquah reports.
Published: May. 21, 2023 at 11:19 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - A Bellevue woman said someone stole her car and is now using it to commit a long list of crimes.

The vehicle’s owner, Tori Porterfield, said she was walking when she unknowingly dropped her keys in the Bellevue West Apartment parking lot. Before she knew it, someone found the keys and stole her car.

“I called the police, and they were able to send someone out and take a report, but we didn’t hear much after that,” Porterfield said. “I got a call from an officer who said my car was being used in multiple crimes in Kingston Springs. They weren’t able to disclose what those crimes were because it was out of their jurisdiction.”

Days later, Porterfield said she saw her 2007 white Honda Civic parked in front of a Subway less than a mile from her apartment. A video showed two people entering the restaurant before speeding away in the stolen car.

“They’re just ordering lunch as if they didn’t just commit multiple crimes and steal somebody’s car,” Porterfield said. “We tried to chase them, which we were advised not to do by the 911 operator, but we did our best and, unfortunately, they did get away.”

Porterfield said after posting what happened on Facebook multiple people commented saying they also had their cars stolen over the weekend.

“I feel bad for the victims of those crimes, especially because my property was used,” Porterfield said. “I just hope that nobody else gets hurt and that this just ends sooner rather than later,” Porterfield said.

Porterfield asked the public to look out for her car, which she said has a cartoon bumper sticker and flowers on the dashboard.

The thief is still on the run.