Illegal Bellevue caregiver makes Facebook post after baby dies in her apartment

“It’s hard losing your career you worked so hard to build and took such pride in, and it’s hard to start over at 51.”
WSMV4's Marissa Sulek reports.
Published: May. 12, 2023 at 5:02 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Parents with children at an illegal Bellevue daycare reached out to WSMV4 asking why the woman running it still hasn’t been charged.

A month ago, a 3-month-old baby was found dead inside an apartment and six other babies were left alone.

Metro Nashville Police said the caregiver, 51-year-old Anne Jordan, was later spotted at a nearby state park with self-inflicted wounds.

In a Facebook post Jordan, who friends say goes by Annie Clark, is speaking for the first time in public since the baby’s death.

In it she writes:

“Hi, I don’t know if it’s the right time to surface or not, but after opening up messenger and IG the other day, I’ve felt compelled to do this sooner than I expected.”

She later says:

“It’s hard losing your career you worked so hard to build and took such pride in, and it’s hard to start over at 51.”

She finishes by saying:

“I’m sorry for the worry I’ve caused folks.”

“Anyone who’s under investigation for possible homicide is foolish to put a Facebook post up,” said David Raybin, a criminal defense attorney.

WSMV4 asked Raybin if Jordan is out and about and can write a Facebook post, why hasn’t she been charged with at least neglect for leaving six babies alone?

“It would look terrible if they charged the person with homicide, turn out it was sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), or something like that,” Raybin said. “It could contaminate the entire case.”

That’s why he said the district attorney and Metro Nashville Police are waiting for the 3-month-old’s autopsy.

“That’s exactly what the district attorney and the police need to pinpoint exactly why did this child die,” said Raybin. “It’s easy to say ‘Oh, this child was neglected”, and that’s terrible and it certainly is a crime. But to charge the caregiver with child neglect would precipitate a relatively low bond.”

Sources said Jordan is currently at an outpatient facility receiving medical attention.

The parents of the baby boy found dead at the apartment are working with Metro Police and the DA’s office.

An eviction hearing brought by Jordan’s apartment complex will be held Tuesday.