How much will rideshares for Taylor Swift concerts cost?

Uber is charging extra fees to benefit drivers for post-concert rides.
Hundreds of thousands of people are headed to downtown Nashville this weekend for Taylor Swift concerts and many other events, so getting around will be tough.
Published: May. 4, 2023 at 9:16 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Hundreds of thousands of people are going to be in downtown Nashville this weekend for the Taylor Swift concert, Janet Jackson at Bridgestone and other events. Getting around that area is going to be tough, so WSMV4 talked to rideshare companies about what people can expect.

Local Uber drivers said this weekend will have the highest surges of the year, but they did share some tips on how to avoid them.

Uber driver Tracy Lang has one word to describe how downtown will be this weekend: “Madness,” Lang said. “Totally insane madness.”

It’s thanks to all the Swifties in town.

“We had to figure out what era to dress in, and then we decided just to dress as the mother of all the Swifties,” one friend group visiting from Wisconsin said.

That group will be relying on Uber to get around.

“I am expecting it to be very busy, and a lot of expensive charges during Taylor time,” they said.

In fact, Lang predicts rides to cost people at least $40 more than they usually would. She said she has seen surges as high as $87 for a five minute ride.

“I am going to be making tons,” Lang said.

While Uber did not confirm exactly how much the surge may be, the company did tell WSMV4 that it is adding a $10 surcharge to rides leaving the concert no matter what that will go straight to drivers.

“Uber is investing in incentives to help increase the number of drivers on the road this weekend,” Giovanni Castro with Uber Technologies said. “Riders may see higher prices and longer wait times, so we’d encourage everyone to explore all transportation options.”

To avoid surges during peak times, you can schedule a ride in advance with Uber Reserve. Once you confirm, the fare is locked in and will not change. Drivers also advise getting your ride three hours before doors open, or walk if you can.

“We will avoid Uber the day of the concert, for sure,” the friends from Wisconsin said.

NDOT said rideshare lanes will be set up on Shelby Avenue and Woodland Street Bridge. NDOT said the Titans have also partnered with Waze, and the department recommends people to use that app to navigate around.

“The Taylor Swift concert will utilize the same traffic plan we use for all Nissan events,” Sissy Muro Juarez with NDOT said. “Parking enforcement will operate under the same capacity this weekend. There are existing loading and unloading zones on Broadway that musicians use, as do other workers. Rideshare workers are encouraged to use designated loading and unloading zones. Tickets will be issued to drivers illegally parked in a loading zone or stopped in a travel lane.”

WSMV4 also reached out to Lyft for this story but did not receive a response.