Cyber security experts warn about artificial intelligence

Scammers could mine Facebook pages for information.
Scammers can mine Facebook for information.
Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 1:48 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Cyber security experts said scammers will soon be using artificial intelligence to steal people’s identities and money.

The deception could reach levels people have not experienced before.

Nashville resident Johnathan Bellomy said some scams, such as messages asking people to contact their banks or log in using a specific website, can be obvious.

Cyber security experts are warning the public that what’s coming could catch many people by surprise.

“Imagine a new methodology which is much more specialized just for you,” cyber security expert Bruce McCully said.

McCully said artificial intelligence is creating a whole new wave of fraudulent behavior.

“What if, instead of sending one email that was the same to 200,000 people, you tweaked it every single time, and it was just a little bit different, and it sounds like something that was going on in that person’s life? That’s what we’re talking about here,” McCully said.

Scammers can mine Facebook pages for information. They can easily find users’ birthdays, vacation spots, kids’ names and latest accomplishments. They can then use AI to send emails without red flags like misspelled words or improper punctuation.

“‘Hey congrats on your big raise. Here’s a gift card from Amazon for you just because I want to celebrate with you,’ and you click on the gift card. It takes you in. It says, ‘Oh you have to give us your account name and password,’ Bam! They’re in,” explained McCully.

McCully said it’s an unintended consequence of new technology designed to help people and make their lives easier, and he said the public needs to be ready.

To avoid scammers, McCully recommended enabling multi-factor authentication on bank accounts. He also suggested having bank account alerts to be notified when money is withdrawn.