Contractors rush to repair roofs before next storm

Many families are still waiting for their roof to be repaired after strong winds hit Middle Tennessee in early March, Brendan Tierney reports.
Published: Mar. 21, 2023 at 5:40 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Another round of strong storms is forecast to hit Middle Tennessee on Friday as many families are still trying to repair damage from severe winds earlier this month.

Some roofing contractors have nearly 100 people on their waitlists that are at risk of leaks and more damage from winds, rain and possible hail.

First Alert Forecast: Rain Showers on the Way

Alpha Construction is trying to repair or replace two roofs every day this week ahead of the storm. Project manager Kevin Morrissey said they have around 80 roofs currently covered in temporary tarps and more people are constantly calling for repairs.

“It’s been sunrise to sundown and even Sundays. It’s been wild,” Morrissey said about working the past couple weeks since the storms. “It’s a lot, all of this at once. Obviously, there are a lot of roofers, but there is not enough manpower to get out there and make sure everyone stays dry.”

Morrissey said their calendar is jampacked, but insurance companies are holding up several projects. Some repair claims have been denied and that begins an appeal process that can last months trying to match roof shingles.

Storms cause damage across Middle Tennessee

Andy Allen said he had been waiting weeks for his roof to be repaired after many shingles were blown off in the storm.

He was excited to have the roof on one of his houses replaced Tuesday before there can be a large leak, but is having to wait in line for repair work on the roof of a rental property because of insurance delays.

“We’re tarped but tarping is not an exact science,” Allen said. “You are going to get leaks. That’s what I keep telling them that we have to move quicker than later.”

If you’re still waiting for a repair before this next line of storms hits, Morrissey said it’s best to make sure the tarp is secured to keep water from getting inside your house.

He said small temporary repairs can also be made to patch a roof before replacing all the shingles to keep your home dry and protect your valuable belongings from water damage.

“I’ll do anything and everything if I am out and about close to your house to help you out,” Morrissey said. “I am even charging a little less than normal because I am not trying to rob people, I am just trying to help out.”