Why woman was not charged after killing man in Walmart parking lot

Police, district attorney to decide if charges should be filed in the case.
Marissa Sulek explains why a woman was not charged after killing a man at a Walmart parking lot.
Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 5:23 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Metro Police say a woman shot and killed a man in a Walmart parking lot after a road rage incident.

This happened over the weekend in Hermitage, and a Nashville attorney believes this could be out of self-defense. Therefore, the shooter, 22-year-old Tiara Mowbray, could walk away without any charges.

Metro Police say both Mowbray and 38-year-old Tristan Walker were brake-checking each other before they pulled into the Walmart parking lot. The fact they both exited the road; an attorney says that’s unusual. Not only that, but police say Mowbray shot and killed Walker as he approached her car. She then stayed at the scene and waited for the police.

“She fires a single shot, presumably her window is down, hits him in the chest and stays at the scene,” says criminal defense attorney David Raybin. “Now that has all the elements of self-defense.”

Raybin says Mowbray acted responsibly, but what transpired before was most like rage from her and Walker.

“That guys had to have been mad,” says Raybin. “He had to have approached her with great aggression. He had to! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten out of the car.”

Metro Police say Walker’s girlfriend was also in the car with him when this happened. Right now, police are investigating and working with the district attorney on potential charges. Whether Mowbray is charged or now, Raybin says there’s a lesson for everyone: do not become emotional on the road.

He says pull over and let drivers go. Make sure to check your emotions and not your brakes.

“It’s not worth being in a car wreck. It’s not worth being shot at or being arrested for using your weapon,” says Raybin.

Raybin says Mowbray could be indicted for second-degree murder, but the DA could also see this as a self-defense case and not charge. He also says if she’s not charged, Walker’s family could still file a civil wrongful death lawsuit.