Donelson restaurant workers attacked by food delivery driver

Restaurants face issues with food delivery driver scams.
WSMV's Sharon Danquah reports.
Published: Mar. 7, 2023 at 6:33 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Some Donelson restaurant employees are scared for their safety after being attacked.

WSMV4 obtained surveillance video showing the moments a Door Dash driver lost it.

Roma Pizza employees at the Donelson Pike location said the attack happened after a Door Dash driver was asked to confirm their order. It’s a new policy added after owners say they are facing an ongoing issue.

It happens more than 30 times a day. Food delivery drivers coming into restaurants like this and picking up to-go orders. But, Saturday afternoon the owner of Roma Pizza, who asked not to show his face or share his name, says his heart stopped.

After having dozens of orders stolen by people taking extra or pretending to be delivery drivers, Roma Pizza owners say they now require proof of an order before pick up.

“I asked her to confirm the order, I need to confirm the order so she showed me a black screen and I said no I cannot see it I need to confirm it and she started raising her voice, so I took the food back and put it in the warmer,” the restaurant owner said.

Seconds later the owner says she finally flashed him her confirmation screen, grabs the food and leaves, but not before smacking multiple things off the counter, But the conflict didn’t end there.

“The next thing I know this big guy comes in with a mask on and his hand in his pocket, asking me why I disrespected his lady,” the restaurant owner said.

In the video you see the two yelling at the owner when the Door Dash driver reaches over and sprays mace in the owner’s eyes. Moments after an employee rushes to the front counter.

“I was thinking I have to get out there now, it’s sounds like a mess. It’s time to call the cops, so that’s when I called the cops, and that’s when crews came,” an employee said.

While holding back tears, the owner said he feared the man had a gun.

“It was painful first of all, but also scary because I didn’t know what else they were going to do,” the owner said.

Now the owner said he plans to add more security precautions to his store.

“Because nobody knows these days what people are thinking. It was over such a silly thing. Just confirm your order. I did nothing to disrespect her, but this is how I’m treated,” the owner said.

Restaurant employees are now just praying and hoping the two caught on video are found.