Illinois family continues to search for car, dog after reported crash in Brentwood

Metro Police found car crashed into a pole in Brentwood leaving family on edge
Authorities are on the search for a man they said crashed and abandoned a car in Brentwood. The man stole it out of Illinois along with a dog inside.
Published: Feb. 11, 2023 at 10:17 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - A family is now joining forces in Brentwood after their dog and car were stolen from a small town in Illinois.

Authorities said they are searching for a man they said crashed and abandoned the car at Edmundson Pike near Cloverland Drive near Brentwood.

Illinois deputies said the family’s car was stolen on Feb. 8 after the owner stepped away for a few minutes with the dog sitting inside.

“Our dog is family,” said John Hannah, the owner of the car.

Hannah said he spends nearly every moment with the dog, a 6-year-old golden doodle named Tess.

“She’s probably with one of us all day long,” Hannah explained.

Hannah said he and his wife left the car still running with the dog, her phone and purse inside as they stepped inside the Mansfield American Legion. That’s when Piatt County deputies said someone jumped into their car.

“She started to go outside to the car and the barber next door flagged her down and said someone drove off in your car,” Hannah said.

The person who stole the car and Tess drove down to Tennessee and a day later, Metro Police found a car crashed into a pole, but with no driver or dog in sight.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Hannah said. “We live in a town of 900 people. Things like this just don’t happen there.”

After driving hundreds of miles, Hannah decided to take things into his own hands. For more than two days, he has been searching and posting flyers.

“It’s just getting tough, very tough,” Hannah said.

The Hannah family are now pleading and praying for answers.

“Why would you take the dog? I don’t know why you wouldn’t turn the dog lose,” Hannah said. “I just want my dog back. That’s all I want.”

The family has been asking the community to keep an eye out for their dog and to call the number listed.

Tess was not found in the stolen car's wreckage and remains missing.
Tess was not found in the stolen car's wreckage and remains missing.(Casey Hannah Miles)