Tips for drivers ahead of the winter weather mix

Staying safe on icy roads, Justina Latimer reports.
Published: Feb. 1, 2023 at 10:20 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) -Driving during winter weather can be tricky, and if there is ice involved it could create even more risk. With another round of a wintery mix, people may notice the impact on the roads Wednesday night.

“We have seen a couple of days of not so much snow, but ice on our roadways and the dangerous thing about ice is that it is not always obvious that it is on the roadway, " said Megan Cooper, Spokeswoman for AAA.

Tuesday’s slick road conditions surprised drivers like Kaitlyn Halliday.

“I saw some wrecks on the way to work this morning. By exit 3 there was one on the on-ramp,” stated Halliday.

Drivers like Charlie Shannon are staying cautious. With a winter mix expected, he’s not sure if he’ll be hitting the roads.

“There is really not much you can do with ice if it gets too bad. There is really no car that can drive on ice,” Shannon explained.

But for those who have to hop in the driver’s seat, Cooper says it’s important to slow down, increase your following distance, and pay attention to the roadways.

“I know that it is no fun to clear that ice. It takes way more time than what we want to. But it is so important to take the time to completely clear your windshield and then check other areas of your vehicle like the top of it,” Cooper said.

Cooper also recommends keeping a stocked emergency kit in your car.

“Since it is so cold, go ahead and put in some cold weather items. Have an extra coat, an extra pair of gloves, maybe even a warm blanket to keep you warm if something were to happen at the roadside,” Cooper explained.