Officials searching for man accused of breaking into home, trying to pawn stolen instruments

Police are now on the lookout for a man who broke into a Bellevue home stole equipment and tried to pawn it off
Police are now on the lookout for a man who broke into a Bellevue Home stole equipment and tried to pawn it off.
Published: Jan. 24, 2023 at 9:31 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - New video shows the moment a man tried to resell instruments that police say he stole from a home in Bellevue.

A Donelson guitar store owner said he was threatened by the man after he realized the equipment was stolen.

The owner of blues vintage guitars on McGavock Pike said he’s still in shock after someone broke into a home and tried to sell him stolen equipment and that armed man is still out there.

“I’m shaking, sweating, and sick to my stomach,” Sean Mallon said.

This is how Mallon felt moments after he said he got a call from his guitar repair man.

“He let me know that his friend Gabe at Blues Vintage here had called him and let him know that someone was up there selling my white Reverend Rocko,” Mallon said.

That’s when Mallon said he froze.

“So obviously I’m freaking out because I had left for work at around 11, walked right passed that guitar and everything was fine so if they got that guitar obviously, they been in my house what else have they taken,” Mallon said.

Mallon said just minutes after he left his home in Bellevue a man broke into his home, ransacked the place, and stole all of his instruments. About an hour after, that same man walked through Gabriel Hernandez’s Guitar store doors with cases of instruments.

“I just had a conversation with the guy and just in talking to him for a few minutes I realized that there was something not right here,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez said he did what he always does when customers bring in equipment to sell.

“So I just started checking the stuff and inside one of the guitars and the case of one of the guitars was a receipt for some work that had recently been done and on that receipt was the name of the owner of the guitar,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez said he told the man to leave the equipment for more inspections and come back at 4 p.m. for a price estimate.

“The police took care of the rest I believe they were on to him and are on to him,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez returned Mallon’s equipment to him and says the man called back hours later threatening to kill him.

While police search for the man, Mallon is giving thanks.

“Most people don’t get anything back the fact that I’m getting a single piece of equipment back let alone most of it that are mind-boggling, Sean said.”

Store owners are asking anyone with information on the man caught on video to call Metro Police.