Family claims AmeriGas owes them hundreds, put them at risk during the winter

A Sparta family claims not only does Amerigas owe them hundreds of dollars, but they were also close to being without heat during the cold winter months.
Published: Jan. 23, 2023 at 7:28 PM CST
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SPARTA, Tenn. (WSMV) - When the temperatures drop, the last thing you want is to lose your heat. One Middle Tennessee family said issues with their gas company put them at risk of that happening, and they are worried about other customers facing the same issue.

A Sparta family claims not only does AmeriGas owe them hundreds of dollars, but they were also dangerously close to being without heat during the cold winter months.

As the temperature dropped in January of last year, so did Mike Ehrenhaft’s propane tank levels.

“We are both senior citizens, and we were a little concerned about the cold and running out of gas,” Ehrenhaft said.

That is because it is his home’s source of heat. He said he called his propane supplier, AmeriGas, for weeks trying to get a refill.

“They would make promises and commitments,” Ehrenhaft said. “‘We will be there in a couple of days. We will be there tomorrow. We will be there in the morning.’ No one ever showed up.”

Meanwhile, his fuel supply dropped to just 10 percent.

“Five percent is considered by propane companies to be completely out of gas,” Ehrenhaft said.

Ehrenhaft is not the only one upset with AmeriGas service. Hundreds of people have complained about the company on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

One person said “you have missed five appointments... My propane is down to 3 percent... My family will freeze.”

Ehrenhaft ultimately switched gas providers, but he said his issues with AmeriGas continued. “I would just like to say shame on you for the way you have treated people,” Ehrenhaft said.

Ehrenhaft said AmeriGas told him they would come to remove the tank within six weeks after he canceled service in July.

He also said they told him they would reimburse him for the existing gas left in the tank, which was close to $600. Six months later, none of those promises were kept.

WSMV 4 went to the closest AmeriGas office in Cookeville and reached out to AmeriGas via email to ask why they hadn’t removed the tank and refunded Ehrenhaft. Amerigas did not answer our questions but said in a statement:

”We apologize to the Ehrenhaft family for the delay in their service request...”

The day after we contacted AmeriGas, they came and removed the tank and finally got Ehrenhaft his refund. Now, his only concern is for his neighbors.

“There are a lot of retired people and people with special needs out here,” Ehrenhaft said. “if they are using the same provider and in the same situation I am, I am worried about them.”

On their website, AmeriGas said customers should request a delivery when their tank reaches 30 to 40 percent to allow ample time for delivery. Many companies also let you sign up for automatic delivery. That is when the company estimates your tank level and automatically schedules a refill for you.