Construction company begins work to fix crane foundation issues after WSMV4 pressed for action

This is a story WSMV's Tosin Fakile has been following closely.
Published: Jan. 12, 2023 at 9:35 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Some good news for those who live and work near a construction crane downtown.

On Thursday the construction company began preparing totake down the crane so they can fix the foundation issues.

WSMV4 has been pressing Yates Construction Company for answer for weeks after people who work and live by Division Street and Overton Street came forward with safety concerns.

Finally, some action was taken on Thursday, and it was the beginning of some peace of mind for people in that area.

“I’ll be happy that they get that fixed,” Kel Williams, owner of Exit Realty Elite across the street from where the crane sits, said.

For weeks WSMV4 reported on people’s concerns about the crane in the Gulch with foundations issues found on an engineering report.

“Ever since I heard about it, I was nervous that it was leaning cause if it were to come down, it would hit my balcony and condo right there,” Jimmy Lynch, who lives near the construction site, said.

On Thursday, Yates Construction brought in a mobile crane on Overton Street, and it’s purpose is to dismantle the tower crane in order to facilitate the repair the crane’s foundation, according to a company spokesperson.

“I’m just glad they’re doing something to fix the problem, especially with weather like today,” Lynch said. “It makes me nervous looking at it.”

The fact that something is being done was welcome news for Williams, who told WSMV4 earlier this week concerns about the crane was impacting business flow.

“I arrived and the street next to our office is closed, and so I was like this is a good sign,” Williams said. “It makes me feel a lot better. I feel safer. I can let my agents know that they don’t have to worry about it, and I’m sure that they’ll get it fixed. I’m glad it’s finally getting done.”

Yates Construction Company sent a statement to WSMV4 that read:

“We are using a mobile crane to dismantle the tower crane in order to facilitate the repair to the crane foundation. Weather permitting, we anticipate the tower crane will be down in a few days and then we can follow an independent engineer’s report to have the foundation repaired and then put the tower crane back in place.”

- Kenny Bush, Yates Construction spokesperson

Kenny Bush, Yates Construction spokesperson

“I feel good about it. I wish they would have done it sooner, as soon as they found out,” Lynch said. “I don’t see why it took so long, but it’s good to see it getting done now.”

Crews on the site said because of the weather on Thursday, construction crews probably won’t start taking down the crane until Friday.

Yates Construction said it expects Overton Street where the mobile crane sites to be closed until at least Sunday.

A spokesperson for the company did not have details on how the foundation issue would be repaired.