Nashville neighborhood worries of short-term rental boom after house-party shooting

Neighbors express concern over house-party shooting at short-term rental, Michael Warrick reports.
Published: Jan. 9, 2023 at 10:26 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Neighbors living in an East Nashville neighborhood are expressing concern over short-term rentals after a weekend shooting left multiple teens injured, including one dead.

Metro Police say an 18-year-old was killed, and a 17-year-old was injured during a shooting at a birthday party at a short-term rental on Douglas Avenue. Police arrested two teenage suspects in the shooting, and are looking for another 24-year-old suspect.

Brenda Ewin has lived in her house near Douglas Avenue since 1991 - and has watched the neighborhood change. It was a surprise to her, learning the home where the shooting happened, was a short-term rental.

“It would disturb me if that was going to get started in this part of town,” Ewin said. “I don’t want that kind of activity near me, I mean that frightens me. You know, a bullet doesn’t have a name on it.”

Not far from Ewin, Charlie Byers lives with his wife in a home they’ve rented for a year. Byers lives a few houses down from what he described as a ‘party house’ with a revolving door of guests.

“We’ve really known that was an Airbnb because every weekend there’s a new group and we’ll hear them on the back deck and stuff and it’s pretty chaotic,” Byers said.

Metro Nashville has a hotline residents can call to report noise complaints, litter and potential illegal short-term rentals. Per Metro’s website, to file a report, go to: or you may call 615-454-9225, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

“They need to get more input from the people that live in the area like me that’s been here long-term,” Ewin said. “I didn’t even know that was a short-term party rental right around the corner for me.”

Metro Police are still looking for the third suspect in Sunday morning’s shooting - for details and how you can help investigators, click here.