Meme mocking burning of Portland police department comes in wake of DUI cover up

The now ex-wife of a detective who stopped a sobriety test of his female friend created a meme mocking the burning of the police department and local chamber.
Updated: Jan. 5, 2023 at 5:55 PM CST
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PORTLAND, Tenn. (WSMV) - In perhaps the most unexpected revelation into WSMV4′s Investigation into a DUI cover up in Portland, the now ex-wife of detective Charles Hope, who stopped a sobriety test of his female friend, created a meme mocking the burning of the Portland Police Department and the town’s Chamber of Commerce.

Meme created following DUI cover up by Portland, TN police officer
Meme created following DUI cover up by Portland, TN police officer(Gallatin police department)

Hope’s ex-wife, Katie Hope, accuses Charles Hope of having an affair with Kristen Daughtry, who was pulled over on suspicion on drunk driving, but when Hope arrived on the scene, he stopped the sobriety test and drove her home.

A WSMV4 Investigation obtained audio from Daughtry’s sobriety test, where you can hear the officer who pulled her over note repeatedly that she failed a heel-to-toe test and loses her balance.

Daughtry was never arrested or charged as a result of Hope picking her up.

While the Portland investigative file into the DUI cover up shows his fellow officers were angry about his interference, Charles Hope was docked three days of pay and remains on the police force.

Hope was congratulated on the department’s Facebook page in 2022 for becoming a detective.

Following the incident, Katie Hope, who was an investigator with the Gallatin Police Department at the time, received a reprimand for a meme she created in response to the DUI cover up.

In the re-created meme of the “disaster girl,” the smirking girl is labeled as “Chaz Hope’s wife” and the burning home is titled the “Portland police department & Chamber.”

Daughtry works at the Portland Chamber of Commerce.

Katie Hope wrote in the internal investigation of the recreated meme that, “Charles Hope interfered off duty with a DUI investigation with his mistress on 8/22/2019. He was only recently disciplined as he removed her from the scene and assisted her with avoiding prosecution.”

Katie Hope went on to write, “I do not believe the chief of Portland police wants the incident involving my husband and the handling of the incident known, as it would reflect poorly on a department that already has its fair share of issues.”

Katie Hope also noted in the written response to her reprimand that, “On 2/10/21, my husband stated, ‘It’s awfully bold seeing you’re joking about burning down police departments, etc,’ in response to a statement that I feel unsafe around him and his parents. This incident is obviously comical to Charles and I made it clear that the ‘meme’ was completely taken out of context.”

Katie Hope also wrote in her response that she never intended the meme to go public, as she sent it privately to a friend and it ended up being sent to Portland police.

WSMV4 Investigates reached out to Charles Hope, Katie Hope, and Kristen Daughtry, as well as all their attorneys, but none responded.

Portland Police Chief Jason Williams wrote in an email, “This does not pertain to the Portland Police Department. Ms. Hope’s disciplinary issues were with the Gallatin Police Department and have no bearing on this agency. The rest of it is conjecture that involves personal lives, which also falls outside my area of responsibility.”

Court records show Katie and Charles Hope divorced, citing, “irreconcilable differences.”

According to her LinkedIn profile, Katie Hope left the Gallatin Police Department and moved out of state.