Nashville weather radio transmitter off for repairs

The transmitter for the National Weather Service weather radio alert system is down for maintenance in Nashville.
Published: Jan. 2, 2023 at 7:25 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - NWS Nashville’s transmitter radio has been down since last week. The weather radio should be working, which has been a frustration for many who depend on it.

“It would start flashing, a tone would go out, kind of like a buzzer,” Bryan Watt of Spring Hill said.

Watt uses the National Weather Service’s NOAA weather radio to keep him and his children safe.

“We rely on this because it tells me info when we need to take shelter,” Watt said.

Amid severe weather Tuesday, the radio didn’t work. It should have given Watt crucial information about the tornado watch issued for his area.

“I have a concern because I am not being communicated what is happening around me,” Watt said.

Krissy Hurley with NWS said they still don’t know why the transmitter isn’t working.

“That’s why we preach to have multiple ways to get weather information,” Hurley said. “Nothing is 100 percent fool-proof unfortunately.”

Hurley said a regional technician from Little Rock will be here Wednesday morning to figure out the problem. Hurley said local technicians do not have the proper equipment to fully test the transmitter. WSMV 4 asked if the technician could have gotten here sooner to fix the problem before the severe weather that was expected this week. NWS said the technician covers several states, and Wednesday is the earliest he could get to Nashville.

“It could be something fairly simple and can be up by tomorrow afternoon or have to have a part flown in within a week,” Hurley said.

Watt said communication is key. “For it to be down when we need it the most has been frustrating,” Watt said.

WSMV 4 also asked NWS if they’re considering upgrades to the system or having a better-equipped local technician. Their response was that the Nashville transmitter doesn’t go down often. The last time was in March 2021 due to a faulty cable.

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