Pothole season could start early amid unsettled weather

NDOT said Friday it already had crews fixing potholes.
Potholes are something drivers don't want any more of in Nashville. WSMV's Tosin Fakile reports.
Published: Dec. 30, 2022 at 7:33 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The recent change in weather is creating one word drivers don’t like to hear: potholes.

Several parts of Nashville are seeing some potholes form, and people say their cars are noticing as well.

Drivers are hoping they don’t see as many potholes like after last winter. But as WSMV made its way through Nashville, we did find a few, like a big one in front of a beauty supply store on Lafayette Street.

Nashville drivers told WSMV those problematic potholes are making a comeback.

“They’re really terrible,” said Mary Rapier.

And drivers said they are spotting some potholes on Nashville roads and on state roads.

“On Briley Parkway and some other areas. I believe in Trinity Lane and in that area, but it’s all over the city,” Rapier said.

“It’s usually like on the exits. There are few good dips in the main highway,” said Alana Dickson. “The main highway — the one that goes through Nashville.”

WSMV also spotted some potholes on Jefferson Street and near Rosa L. Parks Boulevard.

Drivers said they’ve already had run-ins with the potholes they’ve come across.

“Every so often, I hit one and I’m like, oh and like immediately just like, you know that sinking feeling where you’re like, ‘is my tire about to pop?” said Dickson.

“It did take a little plastic part of the vehicle off, and it made my wheels imbalance to some degree,” added Rapier.

The Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT) told WSMV they had four crews out on Friday repairing potholes on Metro roads.

During last week’s snow event, the Tennessee Department of Transportation told WSMV to limit the issue of potholes this year, the department resurfaced interstates and roads it believed would take a big hit from another harsh winter. They created a hotline to call and report potholes.

Drivers said recent weather fluctuations won’t help.

“It’s 60 degrees right now, and it was negative last week,” Dickson said. “I mean, I can’t imagine they will get better.”

NDOT said drivers can report potholes in Nashville to 311 or by going to HubNashville.

NDOT said the recent unsettled weather and upcoming rain creates perfect conditions for potholes to form, and drivers can expect to see more potholes form in the coming days and weeks.