As dog flu cases rise, vets urge pet owners to vaccinate their pups

Published: Dec. 8, 2022 at 9:30 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - While hospitals are dealing with a tripledemic, local veterinarians are also busy this season as canine influenza cases are on the rise.

“It seems like this season we are seeing a much bigger outbreak than we typically have in the past,” Dr. Josie Horchak, Medical Director and Owner of GoodVets Nashville, said.

According to Horchak, GoodVets has seen quite a few dog flu cases over the last few months. Some dogs have come in with symptoms like dry hacking coughs and even fevers.

“If they are coughing multiple times throughout the day, if they are not wanting to eat or drink like normal, if they seem like they are not as active as they usually are, those are big signs, Horchak said.

With more dogs boarding during the holidays, she expects to see more cases.

Since the canine influenza can be transmitted through nose-to-nose contact and being in close proximity to other pets, doggy daycare and boarding facility SouthPaws Nashville urges pet owners to get their dogs vaccinated.

“You don’t know if someone else’s dog may have been at the dog park this week then come here and bring stuff. You just never know,” SouthPaws Nashville manager Shannon Martin said. “The safest thing to do is to cover your bases and protect your dogs.”

Along with prevention, detecting it early can also help your pet in the long run.

“The good news is that if we get on top of it early enough, we can easily treat it,” Horchak said. “Most dogs make a full recovery, but really detecting it early and getting them into your veterinarian is going to be the best process.”