Clarksville urgent care employees find way to care for patients after no pay

Employees at a Clarksville urgent care say they haven’t been paid in weeks, but they’re still showing up to try and help patients.
Published: Dec. 8, 2022 at 7:56 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Employees at a Clarksville urgent care said they haven’t been paid in weeks, but they’re still showing up to try and help patients.

Workers at the location said they are fed up with lies from executives at their parent company, Healthcare Solutions.

The Clarksville location and two others in Tennessee are still trying to help patients even though they said they still haven’t been paid. Their patients said they didn’t now their providers weren’t being compensated.

The sign outside the Tiny Town Road center said Advanced Care Medical is closed, but physician’s assistant Robert Crouch is still checking on patients by sneaking them in the back door.

So is Kristen Dortch-Farmer, another physician’s assistant. Both her and Crouch are not getting paid.

‘It’s the patients. They follow me,” she said. “They are dedicated. They are loyal, so I got to do it for them.”

Neither employee can do their regular jobs because the computer system is down. On top of that, they’re missing six weeks of pay from their employer, Healthcare Solutions. All they can do is check up on their patients, like Kristi Rhodes.

“If it wasn’t for her, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be standing here, standing period,” Rhodes said.

She came to the Clarksville location for a checkup on her infection. She had no idea Dortch-Framer wasn’t being paid.

“They kept it under wraps because I didn’t know,” Rhodes said. ‘I didn’t know. I just knew they were closing because they were doing some restructuring.”

WSMV reached out to Healthcare Solutions executives Wednesday and asked why employees at three different Tennessee locations have not been paid. A company spokesperson claimed he was blindsided.

“Can you ensure that they actually received that money?” WSMV4′s Marissa Sulek asked on Wednesday. “Yes,” Healthcare Solutions Chief Marketing Officer Jayson McKenna responded.

“That all your employees got money?” Sulek asked. “Yes,” McKenna replied.

“You can confirm that all the employees at the Clarksville location got paid?” Sulek asked. “I can’t,” McKenna said.

Employees at the Clarksville locations said they are confused by that response.

“And I’m honestly a bit angry that he was blindsided by that because I have emails where we discuss the fact that he wasn’t getting paid either,” Crouch said.

The health care workers were told the spokesperson resigned Wednesday after he didn’t get paid. WSMV4 called Joshua Constantin, the company’s corporate comptroller who manages payroll. His voicemail was full so WSMV4 left a text and an email.

Constantin emailed back saying he would need to have his media person speak and he could only provide a statement off the record.

The last time employees spoke with Constantin they said he expected them to open normal hours on Monday (Dec. 12).

“I’m really hoping we can,” Dortch-Farmer said. “We got patients to take care of and it’s going to be a lot easier if we can come to some kind of good faith agreement.”

“You’re messing with their families, their livelihoods. You’re messing with everything,” Rhodes said. “And patients, you’re messing with our health.”

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Work Force Development reported on Tuesday six complaints had been filed about Healthcare Solutions. On Thursday, the department said two more complaints were filed.