Three teens charged after carjacking woman at gunpoint: police

Three teens have been charged with carjacking in Nashville. WSMV's Brendan Tierney reports.
Published: Dec. 2, 2022 at 6:32 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Three teens have been arrested for stealing a woman’s car at gunpoint outside her South Nashville apartment, according to Metro Police.

The teens pulled up behind the woman as she was returning to her home in the Nob Hill Apartments on Wallace Road Thursday night, police said. Henry Sandoval, 15, pulled out a loaded handgun and forced the woman to give him the keys to her car.

Sandoval drove away in the stolen car, police said, and was found by officers at an apartment complex on Winthorne Dr. around a half hour later. He tried to run away from police but was arrested without any shots being fired from his gun.

Detectives said the other two teens involved in the carjacking were brothers, Jesus and Saul Martinez-Garcia. They were seen driving behind Sandoval away from the scene.

Officers followed Jesus, 17, and Saul, 16, to a house on Bel Air Dr. where they tried to run into the woods, police said. While running from police, the brothers tried to throw away another loaded handgun and an AR-15 rifle.

After being captured, Jesus and Saul both admitted to driving Sandoval to the carjacking and helping him, police said. All three teens are charged with aggravated robbery in Juvenile Court.

People who live in the Nob Hill Apartments said they were shocked and concerned by the carjacking.

“This kind of threw me off on a loop,” Ty Walker said. “I didn’t expect nothing like that to go on.”

“Anybody can get their hands on a gun now it’s so easy,” Walker said. “It’s younger and younger people out here doing it. It’s crazy!”

Walker said he never expected something like this to happen at the complex because it’s a gated community.

Kristen Zanghi said she’s lived in the building the robbery happened outside of for two years and this is the first problem they’ve had.

She said neighbors in the area tend to look out for each other, and she has even taken a self-defense class in case something bad happens.

Zanghi said she’s nervous something like this might happen again because the front gate to the complex is broken which allows anyone to drive in right now.

“They need to figure something out with that because this is getting ridiculous with this kind of stuff,” Zanghi said. “They fixed our porches, but they won’t fix something as important as our security. We’re paying for the security. We should be feeling secure.”

Nob Hill Apartments tells WSMV they are waiting on contractors to fix the issue with the gate that has recently been broken multiple times by people driving into it.