Inclusion Tennessee hosts candlelight vigil for Colorado Springs shooting victims

Inclusion Tennessee holds a candlelight vigil for the Colorado Springs Club Q victims
Published: Nov. 22, 2022 at 6:42 PM CST
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Several gathered at Public Square Park Tuesday evening in Downtown Nashville to honor the victims killed, and those who were injured in the Colorado Springs Club Q shooting.

Inclusion Tennessee put on this event after the tragedy wanting to honor their lives and foster support and solidarity among Nashvillians in the LGBQ plus community. Dozens of attendees held candles while listening to speakers share their messages of hope, love, and even frustration about the ongoing attacks on their community.

“Our action tonight is to get involved in the organizations that are fighting against hate and all of its forms,” said Phil Cobucci, the Inclusion Tennessee.

Phil Cobucci is the founder of Inclusion Tennessee. They put this event together to honor the five people killed and more than a dozen injured after a gunman fired shots inside an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs.

“Not only can we recognize and identify the loss of members of our trans community but also those who have lost their lives here in Colorado Springs,” said Cobucci.

Several speakers including city councilpersons, state legislators, and members of the Nashville community all shared strong and passionate pleas to put an end to gun violence and hatred. They mentioned the fatigue of this country’s continual unnecessary gun violence that continues to target them.

“Our action tonight is to get involved in the organizations that are fighting against hate and all of its forms,” Cobucci.

William Morgan, a member of the community himself, says the very least he felt he could do was show up and support.

“I was here six years ago after a pulse, on this exact same plaza. The rhetoric especially towards the trans community has been dialing up and it’s just unfortunate that they’ve been targeted. And it’s not right, they’re a member of my community,” said Morgan.

Inclusion Tennessee plans to continue to honor the victims through their actions-- and fight for change, rights, and protections for the LGBTQ plus community.

“A lot of times we feel like it won’t happen here, or it can’t happen here, and I think that we need to realize how we conduct ourselves. How our leaders behave and that their actions can have consequences and so the rhetoric here and the talk here can have an impact here. So, this is one way to positively impact the community,” said Morgan.

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