Piccolo Farms believes turkeys taken for breeding

Rescue Turkeys were stolen from an animal sanctuary in Whites Creek and now the owners believe they may have been taken for breeding purposes.
Published: Oct. 31, 2022 at 7:56 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The owners of an animal sanctuary in Whites Creek believe the rescue turkeys stolen from the facility may have been taken for breeding purposes.

“We try so hard to give these animals a good life,” Bonnie Glueck with Piccolo Farms Animal Sanctuary said.

People usually visit Piccolo Farms for educational visits and fundraisers, but that wasn’t the case for a recent visitor.

“He got very aggressive, and I ended up having to ask him to leave. I asked him to leave, he did. But it gave me the feeling he would most likely be back,” Glueck said.

According to Glueck, a man and woman in a white Jeep with Florida plates stopped by uninvited days ago begging them to sells their turkeys.

They believe on Friday those same people returned and stole two white rescue turkeys named Mommy and Olive.

“I walked out to find a trash pile in the middle of the driveway that had food left over and feather just everywhere,” Glueck said. “You can tell something violent event had happened.”

She said they also left a receipt behind that led her to their names.

“We’ve posted the people’s picture on social media and their names and people have come out all over Middle Tennessee and Kentucky with the same images of the same people, the same stories where they came and tried to buy their birds, they said no. They left and came back and stole their animals,” Glueck said.

With similar stories from multiple people, she believes the birds were taken for breeding purposes.

“I want my girls back first and foremost. Second, I want them to be stopped,” Glueck said.