Family speaks out after teen’s tragic death in fatal crash involving alleged murder

A family speaks out after their son was killed after a devastating crash, Sharon Danquah reports.
Published: Oct. 15, 2022 at 10:25 PM CDT
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PLEASANTVIEW, Tenn. (WSMV) - After being accused of shooting and killing 24-year-old Terry Farmer, Deandre Conway, 23, is now behind bars.

The Metro Nashville Police Department said that Conway shot and killed Farmer before he sped off and crashed into a car filled with teens killing 17-year-old Landen Guye.

For the first time since the deadly crash, Guye’s family is speaking out.

Landon’s father, Lee Guye could barely hold back his tears as he described the chilling experience of hearing what happened to his son and how the community lost a special person.

“He decorated all of this whole room by himself,” said Lee.

From the cobwebs to the spiders and skeletons, Lee said Halloween was Landen’s passion.

Every year, Lee said his son would spend days decorating their entire for his favorite holiday, by this year was a little different.

“This year was the first year he got enough nerve to go to a haunted house,” said Lee.

Hours after, Landen and his friends left to experience their first haunted house. Lee said Landon’s whole world turned upside down.

“He wasn’t home when he was supposed to be,” said Lee.

That’s when Landon’s mother got a call that instantly brought her to tears.

The night they went to the haunted house was the same night Conway crashed his car into the side of the SUV Landon and his friends were driving.

“He hit the driver’s door and my son, along with another girl, were ejected from the car with two other people still in the car and everyone went to the hospital,” explained Lee.

Just minutes after they got the news, Lee and his wife rushed to the hospital where officials said Landon died from his injuries.

“That was it,” Lee said. “I never found out how the haunted house went and now I’ll never know.”

Fighting back tears, Lee said he just wants the world to know how amazing his son truly was.

“He was a far better human than I could ever be,” said Lee. “And I was so proud of him.”

With his love for Halloween, the Golden Girls and everything Dolly Parton, Lee said Landon dedicated his life to making people smile.

“You ask me what she represented to him I think that sums it up right there, that’s how much he loved her, and he truly loved people,” Lee said.

Lee said Landen had a passion for many things but, their hearts break to know he won’t get to celebrate Halloween this year or continue to make people smile.