Car crashes increasing on Tiny Town Road in Clarksville

New numbers show car crashes increasing on a busy stretch of road in Clarksville, Michael Warrick reports.
Published: Oct. 10, 2022 at 6:57 PM CDT
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CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Numbers from Clarksville Police show a record pace of car crashes on a busy stretch of road.

The data shows so far this year 321 wrecks have been reported on Tiny Town Road, four of which were deadly. That’s up from 253 wrecks in 2021 that included two fatal accidents.

“It’s dramatically changed, like, it’s scary to even get on Tiny Town Road,” Karen Finnegan, who has lived off Tiny Town Road for 20 years, said. “You’re most likely going to run into a car accident every sing day you go to work or come home from work.”

The dangers of Tiny Town Road have hit close to home for Finnegan. Last week a man died in a crash at an entrance to her neighborhood.

Crash statistics from the Clarksville Police Department for Tiny Town Road for the last five years are as follows:


Finnegan, who always takes on Tiny Town Road with caution, said she would like to see more traffic lights or speed traps on the busy five-lane road.

“I mean it may make things a little slower, but I would rather get home safely, to work safely, to my son safely,” Finnegan said. “So many more new businesses, blind spots on Tiny Town. No, it doesn’t shock me that there’s more crashes because there’s more people.”

Police remind drivers to stay alert while driving, buckle up, follow the speed limit and stay off your phone.