‘There wasn’t any other option’: Hero deputy speaks out after Macon Co. Homecoming Parade

A deputy told WSMV his story after saving a parade from potential disaster.
Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 6:58 PM CDT
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LAFAYETTE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Many county deputies undergo a series of training before they take on a role to protect and serve.

One school resource officer said years of training helped him save hundreds of students from a dangerous situation.

Dozens of people at the Macon County Sheriff’s Office have been trained to act during a dangerous situation. Still, one deputy said a particular lesson pushed him to do what some are calling heroic.

“They teach fight of flight, and fight kicked in,” said Central Elementary School Resource Officer Aaron Shipley.

Shipley was on duty at the Macon County Homecoming Parade when he got a call through his radio.

“They had a reckless driver that might come this way, so I flipped over to the city’s frequency because that is who was trying to get the guy to stop, and I keep hearing the screeching getting closer and closer,” Shipley said.

That’s when Shipley says he realized hundreds of children and teachers were in danger.

“I had babies on both sides of the road that were lined up and there wasn’t any other option,” Shipley said.

In a split second, Shipley said his seven years of training and experience as a deputy prepared him to take action.

“I could see him coming and he was trying to pick a ditch to go into, so I struck him,” Shipley said.

Shipley said deputies are trained to sacrifice and do whatever it takes to protect the lives of others.

“They don’t exactly train you to crash a car, but that’s just a part of it though. You have to be willing to protect somebody else, the really instill that into you,” Shipley said.

But Shipley said he was also praying every step of the way for his own safety.

“The good Lord pulled me through it and kept me safe,” Shipley said.

Deputy Shipley said he’d risk his life all over again knowing other deputies would do the same.