40+ cats and kittens arrive in Gallatin as Hurricane Ian relief efforts continue

Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 6:56 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), a national animal protection nonprofit, teamed up with BISSELL Pet Foundation, Humane Society Naples, and Race For Life Rescue to help with a life-saving rescue flight that brought rescue equipment and supplies to Florida in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

The flight returned with more than 40 cats from several shelters and rescues up and down the coast of Florida.

After the category-4 hurricane hit, the destruction was catastrophic. Millions of people were left in dire conditions without power and supplies. As the human death toll climbs, ARC said the number of animal casualties is unknown.

Monday’s rescue flight, which was also the inaugural flight of Race For Life Rescue, was a collaborative effort to bring life-saving animal supplies into the region and evacuate adoptable animals out.

“They pulled out all of the seats of the airplane. We went down and filled it up with a ton of crates and cages. That flew down there two days ago,” said Michael Cunningham, Public Information Officer.

It brought critical rescue equipment and supplies to shelters impacted by Hurricane Ian and 40 cats from multiple shelters and rescues here to Gallatin.

“All of these guys are very, very sweet. I think they are going to adjust really well in a home,” stated Alexa Ferrari, Forensic Veterinarian.

So far, the cats are enjoying the attention of volunteers, and veterinarians are checking to ensure they are in good shape.

“They are already dealing with a lot. No electricity..damage, and all of the rest of it. So, if we can provide them relief and get the animals out of there that were already up for adoption, then they can function as a shelter for their community,” explained Cunningham.

The 40+ cats receive medical, physical, and emotional care at Animal Rescue Corps’ Rescue Center outside Nashville. For those interested in adoption, a list of placement partners will be posted on the Animal Rescue Corps Facebook Page.