Thieves target A/C units at several South Nashville businesses

Business owners told WSMV4's Sharon Danquoh that thieves have been stealing their A/C units.
Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 8:08 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - At least four businesses along Nolensville pike have had their A/C units stripped for copper, but experts said that’s not all they are taking.

Jesse Cummings said the theft is something he would never forget. “My initial that was that it was probably just a homeless gentleman who was looking for something to survive on,” Cummings said.

In surveillance video, Cummings is seen walking away from what he thought was a man looking for trash. Seconds later, that man used a trash can to steal an entire A/C unit from the Strike Out Wingz restaurant on Nolensville Pike.

Cummings said, " Between all these businesses around here, we’re seeing and watching these people openly start scraping and salvaging A/C units.

Totally Rad Toy House, where Jesse works, Strike Out Wingz, and Maynard’s Heating and Cooling have all had their A/C units broken apart and stripped for parts.

“The A/C units have a copper coil and aluminum and things like that that they can sell for scrap and make money out of it,” Dave Coakley said.

Dave Coakley, an A/C mechanic with Maynard’s, says they’ve had dozens of A/C units and tools taken from their maintenance trucks.

“Tools any kind of fittings black pipe, iron expensive tools some of our tools rage up into thousands of dollars,” Coakley said.

The cost of losing thousands of dollars to an ongoing issue Dave says is now pushing them to change prices.

“What that does is increase prices to our customers,” Coakley said.

And it’s not just Maynard’s; Jesse says the repairs are also complex on the toy store.

“That’s just more money that we have to spend to keep everything functioning properly for our customers,” Cummings said.

Business owners are now advising people to lock up their A/C units or install cameras to deter thieves.