Floridians brace for Hurricane Ian aftermath

Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 10:17 PM CDT
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ORLANDO, FL (WSMV) - Several people in Florida are either dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian or are currently bracing for its landfall in just hours.

Madison McGrew is a native Floridian, and she was born and raised in the Orlando area. So she’s no stranger to Hurricane season, but she says it’s been a while since they’ve had to brace for a hurricane this big in a bit.

“I’m with a company that is stationed in Tampa. I’m an actor, so that company has creative studios, and they’ve had to evacuate everyone from the creative studios in Tampa inland to Orlando,” said McGrew.

She is currently in Orlando weathering Hurricane Ian. She was able to catch the last flight to Orlando after coming from vacation. Initially, she thought the trajectory of the Hurricane wasn’t going towards Orlando, but that’s since changed. The hotel has even set up a makeshift space for the actors to continue rehearsals. So far, the weather conditions have been easygoing for now.

“There’s been a pretty big wind gust, but it’s only been up to thirty miles to forty miles per hour. Nothing too catastrophic at this point, but we know the big winds are going to hit later, so we’re just keeping an eye out. Lots of palm trees waving in the wind,” said McGrew.

But there, a sense of uncertainty lingers for her and others who are worried about what home will look like after the hurricane.

“I think we’re all worried about the flooding. And I think if we prepare adequately back at home, what happens if we actually can’t return to normal when we get back to the coast,” said McGrew.

She says having all of the essentials is key. Madison shared a picture of an empty shelf inside a local grocery store. Now, she says, they’ll brace for the unknown.

“It’s been interesting not to have been through a really severe hurricane season in quite a few years, so there’s a level of uncertainty. There’s absolutely a level of camaraderie in this as well,” said McGrew.