Florida native awaiting news of loved ones in hurricane zone

One woman shares her story as she awaits a response from her family in Florida.
Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 6:34 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Some in Middle Tennessee are waiting anxiously to hear from loved ones who live in Ground Zero of Hurricane Ian.

Ashley Purdy moved to Murfreesboro from Fort Myers, Florida, earlier this month. She said she is waiting to hear from her brother and other family members back in Florida.

“You take for granted in this day and age how easy it is to be in contact,” Purdy said. “They are probably going to be OK, but to not be able to have that assurance and hear that text come across is definitely hard.”

Video from the Fort Myers area showed winds ripping roofs off, debris flying in the air and cars underwater.

“This morning I was watching the news and I just had to turn it off,” Purdy said.

The native Floridian moved to Murfreesboro for work three weeks ago.

“I lived through Hurricane Charley in 2004,” Purdy said. “I was there in my house hiding. I am relieved to not be there. I had nightmares after Charley for years of weather.”

Purdy lived in Fort Myers for 13 years. She said most of her friends and family did not evacuate.

“It is just so hard to leave everything you have, especially if you have a business and leave your home and to have the means to be able to evacuate, that decision in itself can be heartbreaking before even knowing the outcome of the storm.”

Purdy said while she is worried about friends and family, she finds comfort in knowing so many groups like TEMA and the Red Cross are down there helping.