Lack of road work has White House residents upset

Drivers are now speaking out after road work delays at a popular intersection in the city of White House has gone on for 3 months, Sharon Danquah reports.
Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 7:21 PM CDT
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WHITE HOUSE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Some drivers said road work delays at a busy intersection have gone on for months.

People said the road is a mess.

“There has been nobody working on it for a while now,” Rebecca Chauffe said.

After the approval of a more than $600,000 project to expand the intersection of Highway 31W and Sage and McCurdy roads, Chauffe said she started to notice less and less work days.

“Every now and then I’ll see a truck or a van pulled over across the street and I’ll think, ‘Oh, maybe they are scoping something out and getting ready to do something,’ but then no one else shows up,” Chauffe said.

Gerald Herman with the City of White House said construction has been delayed for almost three months and Chauffe isn’t the only one who has noticed the lack of work.

“They work for maybe two or three days and then I never see them again, and it wasn’t until Aug. 31 that I messaged the city and said, ‘Hey, it’s been over two months. I haven’t seen anybody working out here. What’s going on with this intersection,” Charles Putt said.

City leaders told Putt they were facing a staffing issue with the Charles Deweese Construction Company, a company now filing for bankruptcy.

“You have houses right there and they’ve torn up the road. They’ve not done anything, and then from where the rain and weather has eroded the road a bit,” Putt said.

Chauffe said the delay is not just causing an issue with poor road conditions, it’s creating more traffic in front of her house.

“Getting out of my driveway since we are right next to the light, it can take a little while unless someone is being nice and lets you out,” Chauffe said.

The city is working to get its money back and hire a new crew, leaving drivers just watching and waiting.

While people are frustrated, the city is asking for patience while they work to solve the issue.