Dangerous intersection have neighbors calling for change

Residents in one Nashville neighborhood are calling for change after a dangerous intersection caused damage to many cars.
Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 7:00 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Neighbors in Antioch are asking for help to prevent car crashes at what they said has become a dangerous intersection right outside an elementary school.

According to residents, crashes have become nearly a weekly problem along Richards Road. They said cars come driving up the hill and run into drivers coming out from the two-way stop.

There are car parts scattered across the intersection outside of J.E. Moss Elementary School. A guardrail has had to be replaced recently because so many cars keep crashing into it.

Stephanie Kang moved to the area in April and said she has already seen five crashes. One of them left a man so badly hurt she ran outside and helped him until first responders arrived.

“He was bleeding from his face,” Kang said. “I am having to hold a towel to his face. I mean, it was traumatizing. For me to have to do that, call 911, act like a first responder, trying to figure out how to help this man, in an accident that could have been prevented.”

Kang and her neighbors are now asking for more stop signs, speed bumps or something else to improve safety.

Linda Greene has lived in the area for 50 years but has never seen this many cars destroy her fence until recently. Each hit costs her at least $300 to repair, so she’s given up completely fixing the damage.

“We’ve been lucky that they haven’t hit our cars,” Greene said. “But they’ve come all the way through and hit the back fence. People are careless, not watching what they are doing, and speeding too much.”

The lack of safety is apparent to Greene every time she looks at the big pile of mangled metal from her fence damage so far this year that sits next to her driveway. It makes her think about the possibilities of a car hitting her house if something doesn’t change to improve safety.

An NDOT spokesperson said they recommend residents apply for their Neighborhood Traffic Calming program for this area. This can get speed bumps or other things installed to slow down cars and improve safety, but no changes could be made until next year.