Franklin runner recovers after bike accident leaves him with temporary paralysis

WSMV's Danielle Jackson reports how a man is learning to walk again after he got temporary paralysis after being seriously injured in a bike accident.
Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 9:23 PM CDT
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FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WSMV) - A man known for running miles in the city of franklin is recovering from a serious bicycle accident.

Seth Oden, an avid runner, has regained parts of his strength after a bicycle accident. He’s sharing his story to warn others of his freak accident and the importance of wearing protective gear while riding.

“Prayerfully I can get back to being able to run,” said Seth Oden.

Oden usually hits the pavement frequently, especially with his Franklin Roadrunners. However, on April 4th his ability to run came to a halt after a leisure Sunday afternoon bike ride.

“So, as I’m riding down liberty pike, I remember crossing a large intersection there. When I got over, I’m not sure what it was but in some kind of way my bicycle tire got off of the sidewalk. So, it got off the sidewalk. It’s where you weed eat between the sidewalk and the grass,” said Oden.

His bike’s tire got stuck in between the sidewalk and the grass causing him to hit the brakes and flip over the handlebars.

“So, by going over the handlebars of the bicycle it, of course, put the tension on my neck so, I broke two bones in my neck, and my spinal cord really didn’t have anywhere to go so it jumbled up my spinal cord,” said Oden.

He quickly realized he had temporary paralysis, not having the ability to move anything below his shoulders when a woman passing by came to his rescue.

“Within three minutes there was a young lady there with her phone calling 911,” said Oden.

Seth was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center and was then moved to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta because his injuries required tons of physical therapy.

“So, when I got to the Shepherd Center, they had told me that one reason I had progressed as fast as I did was due to the fitness level I had when I came in,” said Oden

He’s thankful for the prayers and support from so many including his bike club. After four months since the accident, he’s walking, not quite ready to run but wants others to learn from his accident.

“You don’t have to be doing anything crazy to have an accident,” said Oden.

Now that he’s able to walk again, he’s accomplished his goal of participating in the Franklin 5k since his accident with his supporters right by his side.

Oden says he was wearing a helmet at the time of his accident.

He encourages others to always have some sort of protective gear when cycling.