Community honors life of Smyrna gas station clerk by ‘filling up for Nick’

A gas station in Smyrna is donating to the family of clerk who was murdered while at work. WSMV's Tosin Fakile reports.
Published: Sep. 8, 2022 at 6:16 PM CDT
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SMYRNA, Tenn. (WSMV) - Twice Daily honored the life of one of its beloved employees on Thursday after he was killed during an armed robbery at the store just over a week ago.

Nick Patterson meant so much to not only the people he worked with but the community he served.

The company he worked for donated a portion of gas sold at that location on Stonecrest Parkway to his family.

“We have other businesses that have posted this, so the word gets out a little bit faster and it’s definitely a busier morning than normal, than like a normal Thursday. Everyone is coming together,” Twice Daily General Manager CiCi Sulls said.

On Thursday, a community that misses him and is hurting “Filled up for Nick.” Twice Daily said it will donate 50 cents for every gallon purchased at that gas station to Patterson’s family.

Customers were intentional about filling up their gas tanks at this particular gas that is normally busy.

“Just to fill up for the charity of this family,” Howard Spain, who came to buy gas to honor Patterson’s life, said.

“I was like, I am going to show, you know, remembrance,” Bayle Jones, who also filled up her tank, said.

“This just helps us remember his legacy and it brings together the community and everyone who knew and loved him,” Sulls said. “It’s good that we can all come together for him and his family.”

Patterson was shot during an armed robbery early in the morning on Aug. 30. He died after he was taken to the hospital.

“We’re all just taking it day by day,” Sulls said. “We came together as a team to support each other and rely on each other in this time.”

The general manager of the store said Patterson genuinely cared about everybody and took the time to know people.

“I was eight months pregnant and would not let me do anything. He would not let me get down on the floor to do some manager stuff I had,” Sulls said. “He was like, ‘You know CiCi, you need to go sit down. You are way too pregnant to be working.”

People came from far and near, whether they knew Patterson or not, filling up their gas tanks to honor the beloved store clerk’s life.

“We would go on like hospital runs cause I was always getting sick or something and my mom would do these 3 a.m. runs and he’d remember us every single time,” Jones said. “We used to always look forward to coming to the gas station just to see him.”

“I’d seen him, but I didn’t really know him,” Spain said. “I wish I would have met him.”

“‘Nick at Night’ was always his nickname and is what everybody knew him by, but he knew all the customers by name as well,” Sulls said. “I mean people would come in and he’d already have what they’re looking for at the register before they can even get to the counter.”

Patterson worked at Twice Daily for nine years. He’s physically gone but those he worked with want people to carry on his spirit.

“Just be nice like Nick. It would really make the world a better place if we could all be a little more like Nick,” Sulls said.