West Nashvillians upset over uptick in armadillo population

Heavily armored nuisances are on the prowl in West Nashville. WSMV's Terry Bulger reports.
Published: Sep. 7, 2022 at 4:34 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - The heavily armored nuisances known as armadillos are making their way through West Nashville, and residents said they are not pleased to see them.

Nashville’s Brandon Westfall knows his front yard is not supposed to look like this. He said it’s a mess of big holes that didn’t use to be there, and it comes by for a visit every night.

Westfall said he saw an armadillo outside his house one night and captured it in his laundry basket.

No matter, they’re not going away,

Their look is unusual, mainly like an anteater, and the heavy metal cover is not conducive to kicking; it could lead to a broken toe.

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, armadillos are permanent residents of Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, and most of West Tennessee. The TWRA added that about 30 years ago, the influx of armadillos began in Tennessee when drivers found them on the roadside.

They’re also fast, so the dog is not likely to catch one.

There is a recipe to keep them away, the smell of cayenne pepper and garlic. It may sound tasty to us, but the armadillo despises it and will quickly run away.