Nashville man works to solve neighborhood traffic concerns

Published: Sep. 7, 2022 at 5:43 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - One Nashville resident is working to reduce traffic accidents outside his home; however, not all of his neighbors are happy about it.

Bob Cooper has lived in his West Nashville home on Knob Road for 24 years. Cooper said he’s seen people fly down the street.

“They are racing as hard as they can go,” Cooper said.

WSMV 4 spotted several people Tuesday driving at least 15 over the speed limit. Cooper took photos of a wreck in front of his house that occurred in July that he said was caused by speeding. “I have lived here a long time,” Cooper said. “Sometimes, it just gets so frustrating.”

Cooper said he feels unsafe leaving his driveway or walking on the neighborhood sidewalk. “I have had my mailbox hit, and the people left,” Cooper said. “What if that would have been a person they hit?”

Cooper applied for NDOT’s Traffic Calming Program through the White Bridge Neighborhood Association. The proposal includes seven-speed cushions along Knob Road, which becomes Russleo Drive, between White Bridge and Fleetwood. “I feel like I won’t have to come out and help people after wrecks and stuff which would be nice,” Cooper said.

Not all the residents are on board. “I will have to drive over seven-speed bumps every time I go to White Bridge,” Mary Jones said.

Jones has lived down the street for almost 40 years and said traffic has never bothered her. However, she said she is worried about wear and tear on her car, decreased property values, and longer drive times.

“If they want to put something to calm traffic down there, I don’t object to them fixing their problem,” Jones said. “I object to them making us have a problem.”

The proposal is just one of more than 300 traffic calming applications for NDOT. To apply, you can complete the application listed on the city’s website and email it to NDOT during an open application window. The next one will be early next year.

There’s already been one neighborhood meeting for the Knob Road proposal, with a second one coming. NDOT said the project is currently in the design phase with no final plans.