Woman assaulted near Kroger in East Nashville highlights growing issue, MNPD says

A woman was assaulted near an East Nashville Kroger. WSMV's Sharon Danquah reports.
Published: Aug. 29, 2022 at 6:20 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - An assault near an East Nashville grocery store has been stirring up concerns about safety after police said a growing issue played a role in Saturday’s assault.

A man showed a gun and threatened a woman at a bus stop near a Kroger on Gallatin Pike. Police said the gun was stolen that incidents like this have become a huge issue in the city.

“I couldn’t imagine being in a situation like that and being alone,” Elizabeth Seiters said.

One woman found herself in that situation on Saturday night. She said the man threatened to shoot her before chasing her into a nearby Kroger.

Seiters said when she heard what happened she started to worry.

“It does make me a little nervous hearing about it,” said Seiters. “We come to this Kroger very often.”

Police said Kroger employees surrounded the woman and called 911. Within an hour the man was arrested and charged with public intoxication, assault and possession of a stolen weapon.

While she is scared for her safety, Seiters said she isn’t surprised at what happened.

“I have heard about other situations throughout the years, but it seems like more so these last few years,” said Seiters.

The Metro Nashville Police Department said the gun used on Saturday was stolen. So far in 2022, they’ve had more than 800 guns stolen out of cars and the issue seems to be growing.

“That’s very scary,” said Stacy Watts. “I don’t like that at all.”

Watts said she will be on high alert.

“I always have pepper spray in my car, but I never bring it out with me, maybe now I will be more cautious when I am out in public by myself, especially at night,” Watts said.

Both Watts and Seiters said they will be paying better attention to their surroundings and will be listening to other situations.

As far as combating the issue of guns being stolen, MNPD has been warning people to lock up their guns.