Planned Parenthood and Gov. Lee discuss trigger ban

Published: Aug. 24, 2022 at 7:39 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Planned Parenthood said its fight is far from over in protecting women’s rights.

Now that women have to make decisions that take them out of the state, it is more dangerous.

In states where abortion is still legal, there are long waits for appointments. Places that were able to see people within a few days now have to wait weeks, and this is how dangerous this is.

It extends the time people have to wait for essential healthcare and can limit their options once they get an appointment.

Planned Parenthood will have a patient navigation portal to help access care in other states. It will also offer financial assistance with gas cards and hotel expenses.

Planned Parenthood does not only perform abortions. However, it is still open and will continue to have accessible and affordable birth control, contraceptives, cancer screenings, vaccines, and emergency procedures.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee talked about the trigger ban on Wednesday in Memphis.

He was asked directly about no exceptions for rape and incest in the law.

“I strongly believe that the unborn their lives matter, and they should be protected,” Lee said. “It’s also incredibly important that we protect the life of mothers. Our law is designed for doctors to perform procedures in dangerous, maternal health situations.”

Regarding the legal side and concerns for physicians, Lee said the most important thing is protecting the unborn and that legal issues will be worked out in the process.

Dr. Jason Martin won the Democratic primary election earlier this month and will run against Lee in November.

Martin tweeted Wednesday that the trigger law Lee signed has no exception to protect the life and safety of a mother with a life-threatening medical condition due to their pregnancy. No exception for rape and incest.