New road construction could ease traffic issues in Mount Juliet

Traffic in Mount Juliet may soon become better, Sharon Danquah reports
Published: Aug. 23, 2022 at 7:27 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Traffic issues in Mount Juliet may soon become a bit better.

A new roadway connecting Central Pike to S. Mount Juliet road was recently opened and is sometimes back up for more than 30 minutes. Now a new province parkway extension just down the road is set to change that, however, we have been hearing mixed reviews from people in the area.

The sound of cars driving by has been a sound Jeffrey Richards said he has now been hearing more than ever living along Central Pike in Mount Juliet.

“We used to get maybe four or five cars in 15 to 20 minutes, but now you get four or five cars in 10 minutes, five minutes,” Richards said.

Richards has lived on Central Pike for more than 20 years and said the sudden change has been caused by new construction.

“That road has been closed for quite some time and now that extends from South Mount Juliet Road all the way to Central Pike,” Justin Beasley with the city of Mount Juliet said.

Road engineers said after more than a decade of planning, crews have now expanded Providence Parkway to help solve traffic issues on South Mount Juliet Road.

“There is a lot of traffic some congestion some headaches, but that’s really been alleviated with this road opening,” Beasley said.

Engineers said the new connection will create more ways for traffic to move around the city. A change Marsha Moss is grateful for.

“I think it’s great to alleviate traffic because it is really getting bad out in the area,” Marsha said.

But as Richards and Moss said, the change also creates other issues.

“Where I live, right off of Central Pike, it’s hard for me to even get in and out of my street,” Moss said.

Richards said the heavy traffic has created a dangerous issue for those getting mail from their mailbox across the street.

“There for I have to watch out and because I’m handicapped, I’m slower and it makes it tough,” Richards said.

City engineers said that may soon change while they continue to expand other streets.

Engineers tell me they’re planning more road construction projects in the coming months to get rid of traffic.