Former intern speaks about her time working for Casada, ex-chief of staff

Tennessee State Capitol
Tennessee State Capitol(WSMV)
Published: Aug. 23, 2022 at 4:07 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - One of Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada’s former interns told WSMV4 about her time in the Capitol in 2019.

”Just felt very comfortable, and it was a wonderful, really great experience,” former Casada intern Hadley Sintic said. “Kind of made me want to keep working at the legislature even after college.”

Sintic says not only did she work with Casada but his former Chief of StaffCade, Cothren, with who she was always very helpful and professional.

”Whenever I had a task that needed to be done, I would always go to Cadedirectly,” Sintic said.

Sintic was here in 2016, the same time allegations were brought up that Rep. Jeremy Durham had sexually harassed multiple women at the legislature, including an intern.

”All of the doors were always open, and I never felt uncomfortable,” Sinticsaid. “If any open remarks or jokes would’ve been said, I probably would’ve heard it.”

This is why she was shocked when allegations that Cothren pursued interns came to light.

”Just because that wasn’t my experience doesn’t mean that that couldn’t possibly be their experience,” Sintic said.

Cothren just resigned and is also accused of sending racist and vulgar texts.

Casada has apologized for some inappropriate comments he also exchanged with Cothren about women.

”For it to happen specifically for my representative in Franklin, and then also to be the people that I worked directly under is really shocking,” Sintic said.

Sintic says she agrees with the call for more transparency in the legislature.

”If things like this are happening, I think that everyone has the right to have a really positive and great learning experience like I had,” Sinticsaid.

We spoke with another one of Casada’s former interns over the phone. She says she was also shocked by this news.